Shah A.M.S. Kibria Foundation

The Shah A.M.S. Kibria Foundation was established in 2010 with the Mission and Objectives as follows.


Towards an enlightened Bangladesh, strivng for the realization of the noble goal of growth with equity as was the life long dream of Shaheed Shah A.M.S. Kibria.

  1. To support the socio-economic and cultural development of Bangladesh through innovative programs and activities
  2. To help create greater equality of income and opportunities so that each of the citizens of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is able to achieve her or his true potential
  3. To support the creation of the national human capital through programs in the education, health, environment and social sectors towards sustainable human development
  4. To provide assistance to the attainment of the aims of excellence in education in selected educational institutions throughout the country
  5. To support and promote research on issues in economic, social, environmental, cultural spheres in the national, regional and international context
  6. To render auxiliary support in the successful implementation of the programs and activities of the United Nations
  7. To strenghten cooperation, understanding regional development within the Nations of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
  8. To support meritorious but otherwise disadvantaged such as children/students with autism, mental or physical disability or with poverty to access resources in grant from for the realization of their full potential
  9. To implement any other plan, program and activities as agreed by the Board of Governors of the Foundation
Foundation News:

Sept 7, 2010 - Founding board members Asma Kibria and Dr. Reza Kibria present the Shah A.M.S. Kibria Foundation funding to Dhaka University to establish two Economics prizes.  ( See Daily Star Article)