About Us

Shah AMS Kibria

Bangladesh-U.S. Foundation, Inc.

History and Mission:

The Kibria Bangladesh-U.S. Foundation was established in January 2011 with the aim of supporting the visionary ideals and development work of the late Shah AMS Kibria (1937-2005). A former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and Finance Minister of Bangladesh, Kibria was deeply committed to education and to making education available for all. He emphasized the importance of education that was innovative, meaningful and broad-based in its commitment to not only the intellectual but also the social and physical development of students. Reflecting these ideals, the mission of Kibria Bangladesh-U.S. Foundation is to extend and to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and young adults in Bangladesh and in underprivileged communities around the world.

The specific activities of the Kibria Bangladesh-U.S. Foundation will include scholarships to deserving students. We also hope to support programs and activities that enrich and broaden education, including instruction on computers and technology and small business development, sports programs for girls, speech and language/occupational therapy for children with special needs, and youth leadership training on community conflict resolution and mediation strategies.

The Kibria Bangladesh-U.S. Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and education purposes. To this end, the corporation shall at all times be operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.