JANUARY 27 2005

07:10 am
Kibria departs from his residence in Dhanmondi, Dhaka to travel by car to Habiganj, Sylhet.

10:00 am
Kibria arrives in Habiganj and enters his residence at Masterpara, Habiganj. He spends the next 4 hours receiving guests at his home.

02:00 pm
Kibria has lunch at his home with his brother (a resident of Habiganj) and other family members.

03:45 pm

Kibria departs for his public meeting in Boidderbazar Primary School, Loshkorpor Union. He arrives at 4 pm. There is no police security for the meeting.

04:15 pm
Kibria enters the school hall and takes a seat on the stage. There are approximately 23 other persons on the stage and each takes turns speaking.

06:25 pm

Kibria speaks to the audience for approximately 40 minutes.

07:00 pm

Kibria is exiting the school gate with his nephew Shah Manzur Huda at his side and there is a grenade explosion. and there is a blast followed by another in quick succession. The lights go off at this time and turn on again in approximately 30 seconds. Shah Manzur Huda (nephew of Kibria), Siddik Ali and Abdur Rahim are instantly killed.  Kibria is dragged out to the car by his cousin, nephew and another person.

07:30 pm

Kibria arrives at Habiganj General Hospital. He receives no saline or blood. The nurses of the hospital are unable to provide bandages and cotton to stop the bleeding. A salesman of a nearby pharmacy makes an effort to dress Kibria's wounds. Kibria and another injured local Awami League Leader are both placed in a private microbus ambulance to make the trip to Dhaka, the nation's capital. They take turns sharing the available oxygen line. Kibria's personal car and driver follow the ambulance. A police escort is also provided.

08:20 pm

The ambulance runs out of petrol in Noapara-Chhayannagar, 7/8 kilometers away from Habiganj. Leaving the ambulance waiting there, Kibria's driver travels to Jagadishpur (4 miles away from Noapara) to purchase fuel. He returns in approximately 40 minutes with a bucket of diesel fuel.

09:30 pm
The ambulance arrives at Madhobpur Government Hospital. There is no doctor on duty at the hospital. A nurse of the hospital only wrote the word “saline” on a piece of white paper and advised them to push the saline into the body of Kibria after purchasing that. At this time Kibria is transferred to a government ambulance that is at the hospital; this ambulance too does not have blood transfusion or adequate saline facilities. The ambulance attendant attempts to inject saline, but he is unable to find the veins to do so.

09:45 pm

The ambulance departs for Dhaka.

10:30 pm

On the Bhoirob Bridge, after Brahmanbaria, Kibria's nephew finds that he has no pulse or heartbeat.

11:13 pm
The ambulance arrives at BARDEM hospital in Dhaka.

Dr. AK Azad Khan announced the death news of Shah AMS Kibria at 12:30 am. He stated that Kibria was brought to the BIRDEM Hospital dead.

Three physicians of the Forensic Department of the Dhaka Medical College conducted the post-mortem of Kibria. They reported that he died of excessive bleeding. Grenade splinters were found in his body during the post-mortem. The bones of both legs were broken.

Cases Filed
Organizing Secretary of Habiganj District Awami League Advocate Abdul Majid Khan lodged two separate cases as a plaintiff with the local police station for killing and explosion under article 3 of the act regarding the Explosives.

Police stated that no persons had been accused in these cases. Case No. 27 and 28; Date – 28.01.2005, GR No. of the court – 26/2005 and 27/2005.

Fact Sheet
Appeal to Overseas Bangladesh Communities

I ask my friends here and in other expatriate communities around the world to use all their strength and resources to help us. We are asking that an independent international investigation team be immediately sent to Bangladesh to look into the attack of Shah AMS Kibria and the circumstances of his death. We must build up tide of public opinion through campaigns of letter-writing and telephone calls to elected representatives of the people in every country. Make every effort to ensure media coverage of what is happening in our country. Read..
BNP wants "Stage Managed Democracy"
BNP-Jamaat alliance adopt a similar policy of terror and repression? Obviously, they also wanted to terrorize the members and supporters of Awami League to abandon the party. It is a matter of profound concern that a reprehensible crime such as rape was used by the ruling party musclemen as an instrument of terror.

Reign Of Terror In Bangladesh
Across the country, Awami League leaders are being killed, often in cold blood, one by one, according to a hit list. The murder of Mr. Manjurul Imam is a part of the grand design of the ruling alliance.

Why is Bangladesh such a troubled country?
Even those who supported the BNP-Jamaat alliance and voted them to power are uneasy in their mind. A pervasive sense of unease and lack of security prevails everywhere. A lot of people spend sleepless nights because the prospects for the future seem so bleak. Many people believe that the country has not seen such a situation since the days of the Liberation War in 1971
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